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Some stuff we’ve been thinking about lately.


6 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Content Marketing

About 69% of marketers already have a documented content marketing strategy. 41% claim that 2020 is the year to start having one. So have you put your content marketing plan to thought or in place? Content marketing is as old as John Deere’s The Furrow magazine, P&G’s foray into dramas, Jell-O’s recipe book etc. Once […]

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6 steps to creating good content

You have two choices when it comes to creating good, new content. The Easy Route Create content that’s quick, unoriginal, and ultimately worthless that will lead nowhere and interest no one. A waste of time and energy. But hey, your site is stacked, right? The Worthwhile Route Take time to work and create unique, interesting […]

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Why Hiring a Content Writer is Crucial

Content is an integral part of any successful business, but is content writing just a passing fad or a ‘hot minute’ measure for SEO?

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